"Despain has a real talent for restoring damaged wood products to a like-new condition. Nothing seems impossible. Others tried to repair the damage but were unable to do it to our satisfaction Recently, we moved into our new office building. During the move-in process, some of our wood furniture, doors, and trim became damaged. Others tried to repair the damage but were unable to do it to our satisfaction. Watching [Despain] turn unsightly damage into a like-new appearance was magical. He accomplished the work in a way that far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend [Despain] for the restoration or repair of any woodwork."
Bill Smith
Big-D Signature Corp.
"Inpatient nursing wheelchairs scratched the dickens out of the door and casing; after they were finished you couldn't tell it wasn't brand new. There was a $600 white oak door with a big chunk out of it. Despain made it look like it had never been damaged."
Kent Southworth
Shriners Hospital
"You're the best wood repair man I've ever seen. Everyone I've ever referred to you [has] been tickled pink with your work."
Ron Stoddard
Stoddard Installations
"[The woodwork] turned out looking sweet!"
Allan Inske
Interior Construction Specialists
"Doors at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center had knobs that needed to be changed to panics, left gaping holes. Despain fixed these and there were no signs of the existing holes."
Chad George
Security Specialist
West Valley City, Utah.
"You are a miracle worker. I didn't believe it at first when he said you could work miracles, now I do."
Vincent Morgan
Pentalon Construction
"It looks like a whole new door! I'd say you swapped the doors out."
Ryan McCarthy
Valley Builders
"That's amazing! You've got to tell me how you did that."
William Terburg
ACM Architecture & Construction Management, Inc.
"Laminate and wood patches and repairs are virtually invisible."
Ray Carter
McKay-Dee Hospital
"I don't know what's different about your company but we rarely reject your repairs while the others we're rejecting 3 out of 4."
Inspector for City Center Project, Las Vegas
"Based on that repair we'll be seeing a lot more of you around here."
Chuck Wilson
Director of Engineering
Timpanogos Regional Hospital
"Your guys did awesome work! Thank you! Can't believe how well they did!"
Justin Hyde
Hyde Financial Group
"When you said you had artists I was not sure about how well you were going to be able to repair our furniture. It had been chewed by a puppy and we were going to trash the furniture. Your artist repaired our furniture back to [the] original state. I couldn't believe it! You are not just an artist, you are a master! Thank You."
Home owner
"Despain Craftsmanship has been of exceptional value to us. We have some significant wood in our lobbies. Despain has come in fixed the areas where we've had problems. Now as we look at the wood it looks very artistic, very wood like without the blemishes or inconsistencies that we had seen previously. Thanks to Despain"
Don Billings
Director of Development and Construction Management
Hamilton Partners
"We are very satisfied with the work that you've done in getting consistency in the quality and finish of this very high end office tower. We are appreciative. Thank you."
Robert McClintic
"Touch up is very important to sell the product and you've done a real good job for me on the Vdara. Timing and everything else was helpful. One phone call and it got taken care of. That's all I'm looking for. As long as it gets done, I'm a happy camper."
Kenny Butler
Field Superintendent
Door & Hardware Managment