About Us

Since 1987, Despain Craftsmanship has evolved from a one man door- machining and door installation business to a business which focuses on quality wood, plastic laminate and stone repair.

The history of Despain Craftsmanship begins with its namesake, Russell Despain. As a finish carpenter, and with his experience working at high end furniture stores touching up surface damaged wood, he found that the traditional wood repair methods lacked the excellence that he thought was possible. Through many years of refinement and trial and error, he developed the RUSSUR™ method of repair, encompassing the three columns of COLOR, SHAPE, and SHEEN.

Originally, he used the repair methods for his own needs in finish carpentry. The word quickly spread of his "miraculous" capability and it was apparent he would need to systematize his methods and train capable artists. He will be the first to admit there is nothing miraculous about a good repair, but with the proper amount of RUSSUR™ training, the right materials, patience, and an artistic edge, surface damaged wood can become virtually undetectable.

Despain Craftsmanship's quality in repairs set a new standard for what can be done and should be expected in door and woodwork repair and refurbishment.